IMPD officers testing out body cameras

An IMPD officer shows off a body camera tested by the department in 2014. (WTHR photo/File)
IMPD Tests Body Cameras
IMPD body camera tests

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Metro Police officers are testing out body cameras across the city.

Officers in the department's North, East and Southeast districts will wear the cameras for 45 days. Those are the three largest districts IMPD covers.

Police are trying out three different brands during the pilot program, which isn't costing the city any money. But if IMPD were to make the body cameras permanent, the estimated cost is between $2 million and $3 million per year. The price includes the equipment, storage of the video and maintenance.

The department previously tested out body cameras in 2014, but didn't end up getting them permanently. At the time, IMPD blamed high costs, outdated city technology and a lack of community buy-in.

The department said since then, the technology within the cameras themselves and the city has improved, which significantly drives down the cost.