IMPD officers step up to replace mom, daughter's stolen bikes

IMPD Northwest District officers replaced bicycles that were stolen from a woman and her daughter.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - There are two new bicycles now in the hands of a mother and daughter who love riding together. They are replacement bikes after a thief made off with a pair of bikes they got during the holiday season.

The mother and daughter met with IMPD Northwest District Commander Lorenzo Lewis and some of his staff Thursday afternoon.

Northwest District officers patrol the area where Kimberly Myers and her daughter Gia live. They have a special bond because of the activities they do together, like bike riding. But the ended up being the victim of a grinch and reported it to police.

"We could not help but reach out and help in some kind of way after we saw what happened," said Commander Lewis.

On January 3, someone entered Myers' fenced-in patio and stole both their bicycles. The saddest part of it all is the fact that they really had not gotten a chance to ride the bikes together. That's because Myers and her Gia had just gotten them for Christmas.

"We like to ride together and it was definitely a shock to have them stolen right after Christmas," Myers said.

Myers gave her daughter the chance to have other things for Christmas. But Gia kept it simple, requesting a bike and materials to paint with because she is an artist, too.

Within days of learning about the theft from one of the Northwest District patrol officers, IMPD Northwest got together with community partners to replace the stolen bikes. The officers even took it a step further, giving the mother and daughter safety helmets along with the new bikes. Plus, in an effort to keep it from happening again, the officers also picked up a couple of locks so Gia and her mom can secure their bikes.

Metro police officers on Northwest District have not given up finding the bike thieves. It remains an active case and investigation. This time, Kimberly plans to register their bikes so the serial numbers will have a formal record of ownership. That way if the bikes are ever lost or stolen and recovered, it will be easy to get them back to the rightful owner.

Unfortunately in this situation, the mother and daughter's first encounter with IMPD was telling them the sad story about waking up only to find their bikes gone. Now the police officers themselves have helped make things better. That's something special for the officers, too.

"It's refreshing for us, because every day all we see is the negative," Commander Lewis said.

"I think that the police officers in Indiana are great," Gia said.

If you have any information that can help officers locate the person(s) that stole Kimberly and Gia's bikes on January 3, 2019 from their apartment on Moller Road near W. 38th Street, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.