IMPD officers help single mother replace Christmas stolen by burglars


An Indianapolis mother and her five-year-old son were surprised by police officers making up for their stolen Christmas.

Karie Steele and her son, Miles, came home Monday afternoon to the bad news. Burglars used a drill to break into their home at the Lake Camelot Apartments.

"Miles was walking in front of me and he just walked right in and I was, like, 'Was the door open?'," Karie said.

The door was left open by burglars who victimized the single mother and her son. What's worse, Karie was all set for Christmas, but the burglars took that, too.

"Christmas toys, an iPad, jewelry, mostly my son's stuff," she said.

The burglary couldn't come at a worse time for Karie and Miles, who had fallen on hard times. So the very next day, at least six IMPD officers from the department's Northwest District headquarters were back at Karie's front door - with gifts for her son.

"I struggle enough as a single mom and for the cops to take their own money and time, it meant a lot," she said.

Now, despite the break-in, thanks to six police officers, Miles will have a merry Christmas.

"Christmas is going to be good. It's going to be good," Karie said.

Although police replaced most of Miles' stolen gifts, his mother hopes the burglars are caught and punished for stealing his Christmas.