IMPD officer arrested for OWI in personal vehicle

Ofc. Andrew Puente

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - An IMPD officer is in trouble with the law after being arrested on two counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

A department spokesperson says Ofc. Andrew Puente, 27, was off-duty and in his personal vehicle when he was stopped Sunday.

According to IMPD, Puente's arrest will result in an automatic 30-day suspension, with additional discipline possible after an internal investigation into the arrest. Puente will also be required to complete certain steps under the department's discipline policy before being cleared to return to work.

There is no word about the arrest yet from IMPD Chief Bryan Roach, who expects his officers to conduct themselves as officers representing the department whether they are on- or off-duty.

Puente, who comes from a law enforcement family, is scheduled to appear in court October 25. His suspension is without pay and he had to turn in his police equipment during the investigation, IMPD said.