IMPD makes arrest and continues to investigate McDonald's robbery


A man is dead after police shot and killed him.  They say he robbed a northwest side McDonald's Saturday night on 38th Street at Lafayette Road.. 

Police released the identity of two suspects on Sunday and some in the community say things are getting worse in the area.

A steady flow of customers streamed into the McDonald's Sunday morning only to discover it was closed.

"I was in shock when I heard that about the robbery," said Carolena.

Carolena says she was shocked to learn about the robbery here because she works here.  Thankfully, she wasn't working at the time.

"I hope everyone is okay," said Carolena.

The chaos erupted after eleven after the lobby closed to customers.  That's the good news in this.  But, there were still plenty of employees inside working the drive thru that was still open when a man walked in to rob the restaurant.

When police got the 911 call, they were told there was a robbery in progress with two suspects in the store.  Officers arrived at the store within one minute.  That's when officers say they encountered Cameron Gover.  Details are little murky here, but at some point, police fired shots, killing the 30-year-old. 

"We did call for SWAT because after an armed suspect confronted our officer, we weren't sure how many were in the building if multiple suspects," said Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham, Indianapolis Metro Police Department.

Police did discover and arrested a second suspect--Briscoe Jones.  He's 27.  Police kept all of the employees for questioning even taking some to police headquarters to talk more.  It all hits way too close to home for Amanda Mishler. 

"It makes me really nervous because I work right down the street and the nature of business I'm in deals with money and my store has been robbed in the past so it makes me really uneasy all the robberies and especially the shootings," said Amanda Mishler.

Others who live nearby say violence in this area has increased recently.

"I've considered putting my house up for sale and trying to relocate to a safer neighborhood because it concerns me and with my son.  He's afraid to go out and play," said Laura Pagel.

Meanwhile this investigation continues into how this crime happened while the community works to prevent more from threatening their safety.

That second suspect, Briscoe Jones, faces preliminary charges of robbery and felony murder.  Police tell us that even though the investigation shows police shot and killed Cameron Gover, Jones could still face charges in his death.