IMPD fast tracks recruitment to lure Millennials

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department kicked off a fast track recruiting process Saturday.

Physical fitness is one of three screening tests for men and women who want to be part of the upcoming June recruit class.

200 applicants will also do the written exam and an oral interview all in one day.

“We have been excited not just by the turnout but by the motivation and spontaneity of the applicants,” said Dr. Bruce Henry from IMPD Human Resources.

The Fast Track approach changes the way the department recruits by cutting about three months off of the process for applicants.

“We are really attracting those millennial‘s in a very different way because there is a certain amount of spontaneity to the process that I think goes hand in glove with that particular generation," Dr. Henry added.

A generation that prefers online to waiting in long lines.

“Absolutely, we are tapping into that. That is the surprise that we’re finding,” says Henry.

That’s why recruiting on social media is up.

Increased salaries also has led to an increase in applicants.

First-year salaries up almost $12,000 to $51,000 per year. “Makes it a lot better too. Everyone likes money,” IMPD recruit Noah Guzman said.

Guzman says it gives IMPD a competitive edge.

Austin Bales agrees, and speeding the process, Bales says, "it is a lot more appealing because you don’t have to plan so far down the road, you just have to plan one day out and come in and get it all done in one day. Makes it a lot easier on your schedule, your family schedule.”

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