IMPD chief credits community following arrests in quadruple murder

Desmond Banks, 17, Lasean Watkins, 19, Cameron Banks, 19, and Rodreice Anderson, 19, were arrested for a quadruple homicide on the east side Feb. 5, 2020. (IMPD)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — IMPD Chief Randy Taylor is giving some credit to the community after the arrest of four people in this month's quadruple murder. So much went into finding the suspects. In addition to the community coming forward to help solve this case, police said security cameras also played a huge role.

The families of four young murder victims are learning more about who police believe took their lives. On Feb. 5, officers found the four victims inside an apartment at Carriage House Apartments where court documents showed a motive.

Chief Taylor, along with the help of the community, promised his investigators would find their killers.

“I thank the community for that," Chief Taylor said. "But I hope you understand, I've got some of the greatest officers in the world.”

Officers arrested 17-year-old Desmond Banks along with 19-year-old Cameron Banks, Rodreice Anderson and Lesean Watkins. The investigation also includes records from their cell phones and searches conducted at their homes.

Detective David Miller had help from several departments who assist the IMPD Homicide Unit. Miller spent countless hours working the case. He received assistance from officers in The Violent Crimes Unit as well. But Miller is extremely thankful for the people in the 42nd and Post Road area who broke street code. In many situations, cases hit a snag because witnesses will not share what they know with police.

“They stood up for what is right in their community, and that is how these homicides get solved,” Detective Miller said.

Court documents describe the apartment as ransacked with drawers pulled out. In the closet police noticed the safe was empty. During questioning detectives said one of their suspects admitted the four discussed committing a robbery according to court records.

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears is grateful that the prosecution step at least allows them to start the justice wheel turning for the families of the victims. He is also aware that the families of the young suspects are impacted as well. Still Mears obligation is to the victims' families as he works to make sure they get justice for their great losses.

“Someone made choices this young that No. 1 ended someone's life and impact the path their lives will take,” Mears said.

There is not only a small memorial outside the front of the apartment but also a back patio memorial where officers said bullets hit the glass door.

Mayor Joseph Hogsett is under a lot of pressure to move the city of Indianapolis away from its year-to -year increasing violent crime rate. Hogsett recently named now Chief Taylor as his new top cop. Already in 2020 at least 34 people have fallen victim to deadly violence in Indianapolis.

"Sadly nothing can bring back the lives of the four young victims," Mayor Hogsett said.

The four suspects, including the two juveniles, will have their initial hearing on four counts of felony murder each at 1 p.m. Friday, Feb. 20, 2020 in Criminal Court Room #3 at the City County Building. More than likely there will be extra security since both the families of the four victims and the families of the suspect might attend the initial hearing.