IFD stations to receive saunas to help reduce rate of cancer-related deaths


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — When firefighters enter the dangerous environments on the job, they may face potentially cancer-causing toxins that enter their bodies.

Research has shown firefighters have higher rates of certain types of cancers and increased risk of cancer-related deaths when compared to the general population. According to the CDC, the most common diagnoses and related deaths were digestive, oral, respiratory, and urinary cancers.

To help reduce reverse the absorption of those harmful chemicals, Indy-based Royal Spa is teaming up with Indianapolis Fire Department to place saunas in its stations. Saunas can help firefighters rid their bodies of toxins.

A sauna has already been installed at station 31, and another one is planned for station 54.

Local organizations are helping fundraising efforts to purchase the discounted saunas for more stations.

The Black Firefighter's Association, Elevation Church, Old Soul Entertainment and Modern Woodsmen among other groups have contributed to the fundraising success so far.

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