Ice Glaze Throughout Central Indiana


Freezing rain is on its way out, but it has left a sheet of ice on untreated surfaces.

Most of Central Indiana received less than 0.10" of ice, Indianapolis reporting around 0.06". Nonetheless, that thin coating is enough to cause you to slip and fall on things like sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots that were not pretreated before the ice began.

We spend the remainder of our Sunday with mostly cloudy skies and steady temperatures near freezing. Skies clear this evening and temperatures fall into the 20s. It'll be much colder leaving the Pacers game than heading to it.

For Monday, the bad news is temperatures will be bitterly cold in the morning in the teens. Good news... the sky will be clear and we'll have lots of sunshine which will help to warm temps just above freezing to the mid 30s for highs.

Each day will be warmer through this next week with highs rebounding back into the 50s on for Valentine's Day Wednesday and again Thursday.