Ice chunk breaks Minnesota woman's windshield

An ice chunk from a pickup truck smashed Sophia DiNatale's windshield on a Minnesota highway. (KARE)

GOODHUE, Minn. (WTHR) — A Minnesota woman is thankful to be OK after escaping what could have been a serious accident.

On Dec. 7, Sophia DiNatale was driving on Highway 58 in Minnesota when a huge piece of ice on top of a passing pickup truck and trailer hit the windshield of her SUV.

The chunk was so big and so hard, it smashed out her front windshield and hit her in the face.

DiNatale says she thankfully escaped the accident with just minor injuries.

"So, I got hit in the face, and it bursted," DiNatale told KARE. "I'm very lucky I got out with only a couple scrapes and scratches."

The pickup truck driver was unaware of what happened and continued to drive away.

Both DiNatale and police say this is a reminder to other drivers to clear all snow and ice from the top of vehicles before getting behind the wheel.

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