IACS launches 'Freedom For A Day' program

Charlene (Courtesy: IACS)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Indianapolis Animal Care Services is launching a heartwarming new program to help its dogs.

And it could help you, too!

It's called the "freedom for a day" program.

It's designed to allow dogs who've spent more than 30 days in the shelter to get out for a day.

The shelter recently tried this out with one of their dogs named Charlene.

Charlene was recently adopted from IACS. (Courtesy: IACS)

She spent a day out on the town with a volunteer playing and getting cuddles.

The next day, she got adopted!

Shelter workers say dogs who are stressed in the kennel have a hard time finding a home because they are depressed or frustrated and don't come off as sweet and happy.

The shelter said this program gives dogs the chance to de-stress and allows a potential adopter to see how the dog acts outside of the shelter.

If you're interested in the program, you can visit the shelter. IACS is currently waiving its adoption fees.