'I believe God is in this': Dolly Parton shares message of faith during coronavirus

Cast member Dolly Parton arrives at the premiere of "Joyful Noise" in Los Angeles, Monday, Jan. 9, 2012. "Joyful Noise" will be released in theaters Jan. 13, 2012. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

TENNESSEE (WBIR) — Dolly says it's going to be okay, and we all need to hear that message right now.

The East Tennessee legend posted a message on her Facebook page on Friday to encourage everyone as we continue to live through the coronavirus pandemic.

She starts out with a song, admitting the virus is scaring us all right now, but she says she believes there is a higher purpose in this.

"I believe God is in this, I really do. I think he's trying to hold us up to the light so we can see ourselves and see each other through the eyes of love. Hope you learn that lesson," she said.

And when this passes, Dolly says, we're all going to be better people.

"Keep the faith. Don't be too scared. It's going to be alright. God loves us," she finished.