HVAC installer accused of adding mercury to NYC house's system


NEW YORK - The owner of an HVAC business faces multiple charges after mercury was found in the air conditioning units of a Queens home he'd worked on.

Yuriy Kruk, a Queens resident and the owner and operator of the A+HVAC and Kitchen Corporation, was hired to do the heating, ventilation and air conditioning work at the home, according to officials form the New York State Environmental Conservation and the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

The homeowner complained on various occasions that the AC unit on the second floor wasn’t working correctly. Kruk, 48, told him the system could not be repaired and had to be replaced with a new unit.

Authorities tell WNBC that after the installation three years ago, the homeowner's wife found drops of a silver substance later identified as the deadly chemical mercury on the floor. The homeowner himself found more in the vents and where Kruk had been working in their house.

Everyone living in the home, including a juvenile, tested positive for elevated levels of mercury, which could have proven fatal had they continued. As it stands, all three suffered joint pain, headaches and lethargy.

If convicted, Kruk faces up to 15 years in prison.

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