Hundreds of animals confiscated from east Indianapolis pet store

Almost 400 animals were seized from an east side pet shop.

Animal control officers issued nearly 600 violations and suspended the license of an east Indianapolis pet store.

The department had received complaints last week about the conditions at Fish Bowl Pet Supplies at 2101 East Michigan Street. Officers visiting the store noted numerous problems, including dirty cages and filters on fish tanks that were not working, leading to murky water in the tanks.

Several dead animals - mostly fish - were also seen by staff workers visiting the store.

Dan Shackle, administrator at Indianapolis Animal Care & Control, says his staff issued 581 care and treatment violation tickets. That is the most citations issued in one investigation, as far as Shackle is aware.

The Department of Code Enforcement issued an emergency suspension of license, which prevents the store from conduction business at this time.

Almost 400 animals were confiscated. Some of the animals were left at the store, but animal control staff will return to the scene to care for them daily.

Shackle says it is still too early in the investigation to determine if criminal charges will be filed.