Hundreds donate breast tissue to Super Cure

200 women donated at Super Cure Saturday at the Simon Cancer Center.

INDIANAPOLIS - A day-long donation drive collected breast tissue and money to support breast cancer research.

The drive was part of "Super Cure," a legacy project of the Indianapolis Super Bowl at the Simon Cancer Center.

When IU researcher Chunyan He saw the faces of women donating breast tissue on Eyewitness News Weekend Sunrise Saturday morning, she spontaneously stopped by to personally thank the women who contribute to her work.

"I just requested 300 blood and tissue from the Komen Bank," He said. "Without this, resources like our research would be impossible."

Some of the city's top leaders are participating, like First Lady Winnie Ballard.

"If I could help to do research with tissue, breast cancer, I will do whatever it takes," she said.

Marion County Health Commissioner Dr. Virginia Caine is having a camera crew document her donation to encourage more diverse donors.

"I think especially for any minorities, whether you are Hispanic, Asian-American or whatever nationality you are from, Native American, this is a new opportunity that we might not have had before. It's opening the ways to have treatments just targeted to you, specific to you, based on our specific racial and ethnic groups," Caine said.

A hundred volunteers spent Saturday supporting the 200 women who donated. Eyewitness News anchor Julia Moffitt was one of the donors from WTHR, who came from departments across the station, including Janet Brown from our art department and Cyndee Hebert from the special projects team.

The samples will be stored with thousands of others in the Komen Tissue Bank and sent to researchers around the globe working to find a cure for breast cancer.

The next donation date is January 28-29, the weekend before Super Bowl XLVI. You can sign up to donate on the Komen Tissue Bank website.

If you'd prefer to make a financial donation to the tissue bank, you can text CURE to 27722 to donate $10.