HSE grad Davidson sets NCAA record for consecutive free throws made at 95


CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - Every day after class, you'll find Jack Davidson stepping up to the free throw line.

"I would say make a 100 free throws a day," Davidson said.

Davidson is a self-proclaimed gym rat, and a perfectionist about his game.

"I've always been a pretty good shooter," he said, adding that it was during his high school sophomore year that he worked to become the best shooter he could be.

Davidson made college basketball history last weekend when he stepped to the line for two free throws.

"The crowd was more nervous than I was," he said.

He said was locked in because it was the middle of the half.
Davidson made 95 consecutive free throws, a new college record. He didn't miss in 14 games.

"The second one, I knew right when it left my hands, I knew I made it," Davidson sadi.

The Hamilton Southeastern grad celebrated with hugs from teammates as the crowd gave him a standing ovation. His parents were proudly watching.

"My mom told me she couldn't sleep the night before, she was so nervous about the record. I'm glad I could get it for her."

Davidson has an incredible ability to focus, a talent noticed by his coach.

I don't think he thought about it until he made 50 in a row," said Kyle Brummett, Wabash College head basketball coach. "He just kept making them."

Davidson finally missed after setting the record.

At a recent practice, we were there as Davidson demonstrated he was human, missing another one. He then proceeded to hit 50 in a row.

Davidson says he doesn't like the spotlight, he just wants to play the game he loves. He is getting plenty of outside attention.

"Lots of text messages, Twitter, it has been great," he said.