How to protect your data on Facebook


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The more active you are on Facebook the more information the social media site has of yours.

But the last thing users want is more of there data to be shared to places it shouldn't. That's why more and more users are looking for ways to minimize the data they share without completely deleting the app.

Here are some ways to protect your information, according to Gizmodo:

  • Keep limited information on your profile
  • Keep activity to a minimum — Every time you like, click, share or comment Facebook learns more about you. To see what activity has already been logged, click View Activity Log, and feel free to delete any actions from that log.
  • Disconnect third-party apps — By going to the apps page in Facebook, you can see every third party app you're connected to — some of which you probably don't even remember. If there are any apps there that you don't need nor do you trust to have your data, delete them.
  • Check your privacy settings — Have you ever noticed that Facebook knows which sites you've visited by advertising those companies on your page? There's a way to turn that off, according to Gizmodo. Go to Facebook's Ad settings and under "ads based on my use of websites and apps" switch to off.
  • Delete people you aren't really friends with
  • Keep locations private — Today recommends turning off the location function on your camera's privacy settings