Housekeepers become ill after eating marijuana-laced candy left by hotel guests

Two housekeepers at the Shelburne Inn became ill after eating marijuana-laced candy left by hotel guests. (Photo: WPTZ-TV)

SHELBURNE, Vt. (WTHR) - Housekeepers at a Vermont inn became seriously ill after accidentally eating marijuana-laced candy that was left behind by a hotel guest.

According to WPTZ-TV, the housekeepers at the Inn at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, Vermont ate chocolates that were left in a guest room by two guests who had already checked out. A caller to 911 told police one of the employees was ill and lying in the parking lot.

Investigators say the marijuana edibles looked like Whoppers malted milk ball candy and that edibles often look like everyday foods.

Marijuana possession under one ounce becomes legal in Vermont July 1. Police said no charges would be brought against the guests.

Police encourage anyone with edibles to make sure they are out of the reach of children and "unwilling participants."

The housekeepers were taken to the hospital for evaluation.

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