House GOP budget includes increased funding for schools


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The GOP budget plan would offer K-12 schools a 4.3 percent increase in funding, which the schools could use for pay increases for teachers. In the past, there has never been included a specific line in a state budget for teacher pay increases. It's always come through the K-12 school funding.

Teachers had been pushing lawmakers to include a specific pay increase in the budget.

The GOP budget would also spend $150 million to pay off a teacher pension liability, freeing up money in local budgets, plus offer $30 million for teacher appreciation grants.

Also in the budget is Secured School Safety Grants for schools to address potential safety threats and for student mental health.

DCS will also get $286 million in new funding to meet the governor's request to fully fund the agency, which has suffered from high turnover and criticism over its handling of cases.

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