A house divided: Indy couple split between rooting for Colts and Chiefs

Colts fan Stacey Hughes and Chiefs fan Judd Crawford (WTHR photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Hoosiers are bleeding blue all over the state as the Colts get ready to take on the Chiefs in the playoffs Saturday. But one Indy couple is split on who they're rooting for.

Judd Crawford is a die-hard Chiefs fan. You'd never be able to tell by the Colts flag hanging outside his home. That's because his wife, Stacey Hughes, loves the Colts. At least for this week, they're living in a house divided.

Judd was raised in Kansas City, while Stacey was raised in Indiana. They've been married for two years, and generally support the other's team when they're playing, but this week, "Every man for himself!" Stacey said.

The couple has made their own bets on Saturday's big game: the Chiefs win and Stacey has a garage to clean; the Colts win and Judd has the house to clean.

Judd is a 20-year Army veteran, which has come in handy this week as he stays as incognito as possible in the midst of Colts fans.

Judd and Stacey have gone to their fair share of Chiefs games at Arrowhead Stadium. While they said the fans are pretty good, they did warn about the noise.

"They're loud. It's a very loud stadium," Judd said.

"It's a raucous place to see a game," Stacey added.