Hottest toys projected for holiday shoppers


NEW YORK (CNBC) - The holiday shopping season is just around the corner, and to help you fill out your shopping list, CNBC looked at this year's hottest toys.

Private toy maker MGA Entertainment is expecting it L.O.L. Surprise toys will continue to be a top selling toy worldwide this year.

It's L.O.L. Surprise Biggie Pets and L.O.L. Surprise Bigger Surprise are indeed topping hot toy lists and getting harder to find.

"When L.O.L. hits the shelves or arrives on the website, it’s immediately sold out,” said Jim Silver, the CEO of online toy reviewer TTPM. “As we get a little bit closer to the holiday we'll see more. In the board game category there's a game called Relative Insanity and it's Jeff Foxworthy’s game, and that game had been blowing up and there's already a short supply."

Silver says Pomsies -- the plush wearable pet toy made by Skyrocket - are this year's Fingerlings, which are also still popular.

Just Play's Hairdorables -- collectible surprise dolls and accessories -- top many hot toy lists.

Canadian toymaker Spinmaster has a new Hatchimal this year and Hatchibabies launched just last week.

Classic toys, like Mattel’s Barbie Dreamhouse and Lego’s Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall will also be on wish lists.

Half of the year's toy sales are done during the holiday season, and with the liquidation of Toys R Us, other retailers are clamoring to pick up share.

Analysts at B. Riley FBR surveyed consumers asking where they would buy toys now that Toys R Us is gone. Walmart, Amazon and Target top the list: 71% said Walmart, 51% said Amazon and 35% said target.

Still, some think the big box retailers won't totally make up for Toys R Us sales in the days right before Christmas.

“In the last four days (before last Christmas), Toys R Us did $500-million in sales,” Silver said. “It’s staggering the amount of volume that they moved through the store. Now I don't know if Walmart or Target is set up to move that type of volume in four days. Amazon in the last four days, consumers are reluctant to order it because (they wonder) ‘am I going to get it in time?’”

This holiday season will be a test for parents in search of the hottest toys, and which retailer will deliver.

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