Hotel staff helps reunite boy with lost teddy bear (after a little adventure)


Getting back to work after vacation is hard.

Getting back to work after vacation in Hawaii is awful.

Getting back to work after vacation in Hawaii and finding out your child left his beloved teddy bear at the hotel? THE WORST.

Anna Pickard emailed the Grand Hyatt Kauai after getting back to their home in the Bay Area minus one bear (and the bear's new friend, a seal he met on the trip), never expecting them to actually find the stuffed animals.

"Not only had they found Sutro [the bear] safe and would be posting him back, but they sent updates so [my son] could see what he'd been doing on his extended vacation," Pickard tweeted. Pictures show him in the laundry room, at the pool, getting his nails done at the spa, walking through the resort - and even "checking out" as hotel staff got ready to send them on their way.

Pickard showed the photos to her son while they waited for the stuffed animals to arrive, and said he was "both mystified and completely enthralled."

They arrived safely home Thursday.

Getting your child's beloved teddy bear back with a cool new story to boot? Priceless.

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