Hot, rainy race weekend forecast

Hot, rainy race weekend forecast

INDIANAPOLIS - Heat and storms are in the forecast today and continue through your weekend. For the tenth time this summer, Indianapolis experienced a 90 degree day on Thursday.

We will add to the total, with 90 degree heat in the forecast through the weekend. NASCAR practice starts at the Speedway, Dave Matthews is in concert and the Indians play at the Vic, all with heat, humidity and a chance for storms

Scattered showers and thunderstorms move through central Indiana early this morning. There will be additional storm complexes possible through the weekend, too. Exact timing of these will be difficult to forecast, so stay tuned for updates.

A heat advisory is in effect Friday and Saturday, as we forecast 90 degree heat and high humidity. This is a dangerous combination. We are expecting "feels like" temperatures in the range of 100-110 degrees.

Take precautions from the heat this weekend.

Temperatures will cool down to the low-to-mid-80s by the middle of next week.