Hot new Indianapolis restaurant giving back to the community

Dishes inspired by Florida's coastal cuisine fill the menu at "The Trap."

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A new restaurant is quickly gaining popularity and helping to fulfill a challenging need on the city's east side.

Welcome to the corner of 34th and Keystone where the lines are long and the food is plentiful and folks are getting all caught up in "The Trap"!

"Where we serve deliciously dope seafood and make sure you get here early, because we sell out fast," said owner Chef Oya. "It's really a joy to for me to be behind the window and see people pull up and literally dancing in the car when they're getting out."

"The Trap" is located at 3355 N. Keystone Avenue.
"The Trap" is located at 3355 N. Keystone Avenue.

Chef Oya's restaurant has only been open for nine months and business is booming.

"I think I'm going to do the loaded crab legs with shrimp," said a customer.

Chef Oya is serving her Florida coastal-inspired cusines called loaded trays.

"It comes with potatoes, corn, broccoli, a boiled egg and your choice of seafood," said Chef Oya. "So you can either pick from crab legs and shrimp, all shrimp, salmon and shrimp, lobster tail and shrimp."

But what tops it off to make the dishes unique are her four signature "Trap Buttah Sauces" that she created and sold online to save up money to open the restaurant. You can choose from O-G Garlic Herb, Island Curry, Yaad Jerk and Sweet Thai Chili.

"It's like picking kids. I'm the creator, I make them from scratch every day, it's so hard to pick a favorite," she said.

And don't forget to pick your seasoning.

But there's no mistaking that Chef Oya intentionally choose the name "TRAP" to make sure no one goes without.

"It stands for 'Toward Restoring Food Access to the People.' Every now and then I do a free produce...a veggie giveaway here," she said. "I just put some produce here on the table and say, 'Hey, if you can come and get it, come and get it.'"

She placed The Trap in an area of the city that's known as a food desert where's there's limited access to grocery stores and restaurants with healthy food.

"My late father always told me if you see a need and you're able to fill it, then to fill it and this is my way of fulfilling a need by making sure that we have a fresh delicious food option," she said.

Nia Waterhouse recently tried out "The Trap" for the first time.

"It's really important that we invest in ourselves and we build each other up that we go to each other's establishments, that we eat each other's food and that we invest in what is important to us," she said.

Chef Oya credits her family, especially her father, for helping her to push through the challenges of the competitive restaurant business.

"He is right there with me and always encouraging me, I still hear his voice, I still smell him sometimes. He's there. He's always here," she said.

And so are the lines.

"When people find that it's open they come and get everything really, really quick. I've consistently sold out and people come back week, after week, after week," Chef Oya said.

"You're getting a lot of food. It's very heavy. It's also filling. If I had a million dollars worth of room in my stomach, I would spend a million dollars here and it's delicious," The Trap fan Kyle Humphrey said.

So when you visit The Trap, be prepared to share a little bit of your cash at a place that's positively making a difference in our community.

"You get trapped when you taste it. Find something that you're passionate about and find something that you love doing. Do it!" Chef Oya said.

Chef Oya hopes to expand to two more locations in the future. For now, you can find The Trap at 3355 N. Keystone Avenue and on it's Facebook page.

You can contact Chef Oya at 317-762-6172 or by email at