Hoosiers fleeing Hurricane Florence while others prepare to help victims

(Photo provided by Mann family)
Hoosiers in the path of Hurricane Florence
Hoosiers in the path of the storm
Hoosiers evacuating Florence

MCCORDSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) — A million people are getting off the east coast before hurricane Florence gets there and there are plenty of Hoosiers among them.

There are also Hoosiers heading into harm's way. They are preparing to help victims of the massive storm.

North Carolina's Wrightsville beach looked beautifully scary to the Mann family. Tuesday afternoon Joshua, Miranda and their son Brody were playing in the beautiful sun, sand and surf.

"I can't believe there is a monster that is right outside the area that could come in and take everything we own away from us," Miranda said.

The McCordsville family moved into the area a year ago.

Earlier in the day Joshua photographed a nearly deserted community. There were empty streets, crowded gas stations, boarded up buildings and U-Haul moving trucks.

"It's a mix of anxiety, a little bit of excitement and fear," said Joshua.

He wanted to stay but Miranda talked him out of it.

"With out little boy's life in harms way. That put things in perspective." she explained. "It's time to get out, it is not worth taking the chance."

While a million people are fleeing Florence, scores of Hoosiers are headed towards the hurricane.

Duke Energy sent 200 workers to respond to what are expected to be massive power outages. They are prepared to stay two weeks.

Local Red Cross workers are also on their way. Judy Brown is one of the volunteers.

"They are saying we are going to be doing shelters and mass care. But when we get down there we are not sure what we will be doing. Because that may change," said Brown.

Indiana's Task Force 1 was up before dawn. The rapid response search and rescue team is headed to North Carolina.

"They are going to need this help. Anytime we can go out there and make a difference, we are all about it," said Task Fore member Pedro Caceres.

Meanwhile, families like the Mann's are leaving not knowing if they will have homes to come back to.

"You put it in perspective," said Miranda. "Everything can be replaced except for ourselves. Everything else could be replaced."

They intend to leave Wednesday morning.

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