Hoosiers approve hunting amendment

(WTHR file photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Indiana voters have overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure concerning hunting and fishing.

The proposal calls for a constitutional amendment that prohibits local governments from passing any type of legislation aimed at restricting hunting and fishing. Indiana becomes the 20th state to pass such a law.

The National Rifle Association backed the measure while and animal rights groups opposed it.

Supporters said hunting and fishing is part of the state’s heritage and should be protected by adding it to the state constitution. Opponents argue it was poorly written and unnecessary.

This was the ballot question, which passed 80-20 percent with 57 percent of precincts reporting. Click here for final results.

Shall the Constitution of the State of Indiana be amended by adding a Section 39 to Article 1 to provide that the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife shall be forever preserved for the public good, subject only to the laws prescribed by the General Assembly and rules prescribed by virtue of the authority of the General Assembly to: (1) promote wildlife conservation and management; and (2) preserve the future of hunting and fishing?