Hoosier woman became sick in the Dominican Republic

Kristie Dilly and her husband in the Dominican Republic. (Kristie Dilly)
Hoosier Gets Sick in Dominican Republic
Hoosier gets sick in Dominican Republic

YORKTOWN, Ind. (WTHR) — Kristie Dilly, her husband, and two friends headed to an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic in February to spend eight days on the beach.

"We were able to eat, drink, play, excursions, golf whatever we could imagine right there at the resort," Dilly said.

Kristie Dilly and her husband in the Dominican Republic. (Kristie Dilly)

It started as an awesome experience.

"Once day seven hit, I became very ill," Dilly recalls. "Knowing I was leaving the next morning gave me a lot of comfort."

Dilly says on the flight her symptoms got worse.

"Sweating profusely, every joint and muscle in my body was aching from my toes to my forehead, I was trembling, I couldn't swallow," Dilly said. "I couldn't move my legs, even out of the way for stewardesses to get through. I mean, I was just so ill."

Once home, she went straight to the hospital and began working with a team of doctors who couldn't figure out what was wrong but began treating the symptoms.

Dilly's kidneys were hit the hardest. She'll have to take medications for the rest of her life to keep them healthy.

Six weeks after returning home, a news report broke that a woman had collapsed and died at the Bahia Principe Resort in the Dominican Republic. Five days after that, a couple was found dead in their room.

All were at the same resort where Dilly stayed.

"Once everything started coming through on the news about the Dominican, it kind of wrapped up a whole new sense of feeling of, 'was there something underlying that we didn't catch that back at the first week of March [that] we didn't really understand or know?'," Dilly said.

Dilly is now in talks with an attorney who represents a Colorado couple who also visited the resort and became violently ill.

"At this point I would highly suggest anyone to change their vacation plans," Dilly said. "It's just very scary to know where I would be at today if I had not flown home that very next day."

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