Hoosier volunteers head for flood country to offer relief

Salvation Army volunteers prepare to leave for Nebraska to provide flood relief on Saturday, March 23, 2019. (WTHR image by Jim Johnston)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Hoosiers are on their way to Nebraska bringing food, help and hopefully some comfort to families who have lost their homes to historic flooding.

Salvation Army volunteers hit the road Saturday morning, bound for Nebraska, where the flooding is historic — almost hard to believe — and horrific for the people living through it.

The four Salvation Army volunteers will relieve local disaster workers.

"Many have been going 24-7 since this event occurred more than a week ago," said Maj Beth Petrie of the Salvation Army. "And it is important they receive support from Salvation Army units from around the country."

Major Petrie said the four-person team from Indiana is the first to provide the much-needed help. "They are expecting to get dirty and work hard because it is a total mess," she said. "Streets are filled with mud. Houses are filled with mud."

Nebraska is among several Midwest states hit by record-setting flooding caused by melting snow and tremendous rain storms. Roads, farm land, whole communities are under water. Losses still being calculated could total billions of dollars.

In Nebraska alone, hundreds of people are living in shelters.

Volunteer Allen Jones has responded to disasters before. "We've had some days, we served 700, 800 meals a day so we've been busy guys.”

The canteen truck is loaded with food. Along with meals, volunteers will be providing much needed compassion.

"Some people are just there 'cause they are glad to get meals," Jones said. "Other people want to sit and tell you their story."

A story perhaps brightened by a little bit of Hoosier help.

If you would like to donate to flood relief in Nebraska, click here.