Homeowners hope video helps catch burglars

Burglars rummage through a home near Brownsburg. (Jon Curtis)
Brownsburg Home Invasion
Brownsburg Home Burglars WEB COURTESY
Overnight home burglary

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) — Armed thieves broke into one home and tried to break into several others in Hendricks COunty.

A security camera recorded the two roaming through the home at 2:45 a.m. Tuesday morning. The Curtis family was asleep upstairs.

“It is indescribable, it true truly is,” Jon Curtis explained. “Hate, just fear, thankfulness that no one came downstairs and the pair stayed downstairs.”

One brought a large knife. The other carried a gun and pointed it in the direction of a growling dog.

“Like they had no remorse for anything that could have happened,” Curtis said. “They did not care. That is what scares me, they had no fear.”

For 25 minutes they searched the first floor, stuffing their backpacks full of laptops and other electronics before grabbing a TV and a guitar.

They tried getting into other homes in the Branches subdivision. One of those caught an image of the thieves on a doorbell camera.

Image of suspected Brownsburg thieves. (Monique Stanley)

Curtis fears the thieves will hit again and the outcome will be much worse.

“They would go upstairs or someone would hear something and come downstairs. It’s the fact it could happened to someone else.” said Curtis.

A sheriff’s department spokesperson called the case an “immense priority” for detectives going after “bad guys who go into people’s homes.”

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