Homeless man reunited with dog in tearjerking video


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WTHR) – A video of a reunion between a homeless man and his loyal companion is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Memphis Animal Services shared the touching video on Facebook which shows the moment Anthony was reunited with his dog Bobo.

The animal shelter says Anthony is an artist who found himself homeless after some devastating events in his life.

Anthony doesn’t have a place to live, and he doesn’t always have food to eat but he always makes sure his best friend Bobo has enough to eat.

"A couple weeks ago, Anthony woke up to find Bobo was gone," Memphis Animal Services wrote. "He was distressed and immediately contacted friends to help him look for Bobo. They made signs and put them all over town."

Then a dog matching Bobo's description showed up at the animal shelter and the staff immediately recognized him.

They called the number on the "Lost Pet" flyers around town and made sure Bobo was reunited with his owner.

"Their reunion was pure joy," the shelter wrote on Facebook. "Bobo could not contain his happiness at seeing his dad again."

Before returning Bobo home, the animal shelter got him neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

They sent him back to Anthony with a year’s supply of heartworm prevention, a bag of dog food, and a harness, leash, collar, and ID tag.