Holocaust survivor Eva Kor shares message of forgiveness at Rose-Hulman

Holocaust survivor Eva Kor speaks to a crowd at Indiana University - Kokomo in October 2017 about her inspirational story. (Tribune-Star Photo/Joseph C. Garza)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - Rose-Hulman's Hatfield Hall auditorium was filled Monday afternoon as the school hosted Holocaust survivor Eva Kor, a person who shares some of the same values as those with Rose-Hulman's Center of Diversity and Inclusion.

"Her message of healing and moving forward in a positive direction is absolutely one that aligns with the mission of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, which is to promote a campus culture where the individuals unique experience is respected," Camille Wallace, interim director of the Center of Diversity and Inclusion, told WTWO-TV.

Kor survived medical experiments on twins during the Holocaust, performed by Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Although much wrong was done to her, she decided to forgive.

"Forgive your worst enemy, it will heal your soul and it will set you free," Kor said.

That was the message that stuck with many in attendance, like Rose-Hulman student Slater Martin.

"If someone who survived the Holocaust can forgive Nazi doctors, that's a good sign that we can forgive just about anybody," Martin said.

Kor says she plans to visit Auschwitz next January for the 75th anniversary of its liberation.