Holiday cash may be in the attic or basement

One of the quickest ways to get cash it at the pawn shop.

The web site eBay is seeing extra traffic this year, as more people try to get extra cash for the holidays by selling some of their old things.

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, but not everyone is buying gifts.

"I don't even really have a family that I have to buy gifts for, or anything. And its still tough to make ends meet," says Dean Hoover of Indianapolis.

 It's so tough right now, Hoover has pawned his X-Box just to pay the bills.

"Things are pretty tight right now as far as finances," Hoover adds.

 Hoover just wants to get the gas turned on in his new place.

"The deposit is 150 dollars and I just cant afford to put the money together," he explains.

  Hoover has turned to Craig's List for help too, hoping to sell a plasma TV.

"I've had it posted on there for three months trying to you know get that off loaded.  It's not doing me any good.  I don't really want it anymore," says Hoover.

He's not alone in his on-line strategy to get rid of unwanted items.

"November is typically our highest selling month," explains Bryant Scott with the I Sold It store in Fishers.

 The store shelves are lined with items for sale on eBay and other on-line auctions.

"I do believe people are trying to get cash in order to get gifts and things," says Scott.

Hot items for sale include I-pods, I-pads, computers, video games. Anything electronic will sell.
Also, rare collectibles like American Girl dolls are popular. Not all collectibles though, are necessarily hot items.  It'll take the right buyer.

"They're finding they have things lying around their house.  That they don't have cash like they used to so they are bringing in items that have just been laying around collecting dust and turn it into cash that's needed," says Scott.

 It's cash Hoover can always use.

"If you need the money right now, go to the pawn shop.  If you can afford to wait, post on Craig's List.  Go to eBay, auction it off.  You're going to get more money that way," Hoover advises.

 The more for Hoover, the better.