Historic Hurricane Dorian


Hurricane Dorian made a historic landfall Sunday with max sustained wind of 185 mph and gusts of over 220 mph.

This is the highest wind of a landfalling in the Atlantic basin since the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. In fact, Dorian is only the 5th hurricane in the Atlantic basin with a wind of 185 mph or greater... also joining Allen (record of 190 mph), Gilbert, and Wilma. Sadly it's moving slowly (5 mph) over Grand Bahama island after causing catastrophic damage to Abacos Island.

Dorian will move along Grand Bahama all night long and Sunday evening actually displayed a slight "jog" to the southwest. Due to lack of upper level steering wind, this slow movement is expected over the next 48 hours.

The east coast of Florida and the coastlines of Georgia/Carolinas remain well inside of the National Hurricane Center's forecast cone. Though it's still uncertain if the any of those states get a catastrophic landfall or if the core of highest wind remains offshore. Both of this scenarios remain possible. Please follow the forecast closely if you plan to travel to the southeast in the coming days.