Hinchcliffe talks big egos, buttermilk

IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe and Dave Calabro. (WTHR Staff)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe is hunting for his first Indy 500 win.

As we waits for the big race Memorial Day weekend, he took time to answer questions about himself and other drivers over milk and cookies with Dave Calabro.

Speeding tickets:

"I think maybe four or five and I think it was like 10 kph over to one that was like 60 kph over, like 40 mph. So, that's the biggest one I have and that's a big one though."

Driver with the biggest ego:

"Biggest ego? Oh man, there are so many...lunatics. I'd say Alex Rossi. Yeah, has a little swag, won his first 500, came over from F1, 'I'm too cool for this...this IndyCar stuff is easy.' I get it but..."

First visit to the IMS:

"So, 2004. I was racing formula BMW, we drove down to Indy. I was asleep in the back of the pickup. I woke up, and I look out the window and I see these small houses and on the other side I see a fence and steel beams and say 'what kind of building is that in the middle of a neighborhood.' So, I roll down the window and stuck my head out...and holy crap that's the track, those are houses, we were on Georgetown Rd. I'd never seen a racetrack so close to homes before. So, yeah that was the first time I'd seen the place and we went inside and it was incredible, just an incredible experience to see for the first time."

Deserted island with another driver:

"Marco because he has a plan and we can get out of there!"

If you won, which milk:

"You gotta go with the original...buttermilk. Ya know they stopped offering it a few years ago and Ed Carpenter and I threw a big fit. Nobody wants to drink buttermilk, but that's not the point. Louis Meyer drank buttermilk and dagnabbit I want to drink buttermilk!"

What would it mean to win:

"It would mean everything man. So, I always answer this question with one word: immortality. If you win that race you're no longer James Hinchcliffe, you're Indy 500 winner James Hinchcliffe for the rest of your life and then your face is still on that trophy for the rest of time. You are a timeless piece of racing history and that's what it all about."

Last driver to pick up the tab:

"Ryan Hunter-Reay. Little T-Rex arms, 'can't reach my wallet, I must have left it on my yacht, or one of my beachside mansions in Florida.' I don't know there are just so many of them I can't keep track."

Most famous person met:

"A lovely young lady by the name of Lady Gaga. I think that has to be the answer. Wonderful person. We went to St. Elmo, had a steak, champagne...that has to be the answer. Very nice person, very happy for her success."

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