High winds bring down trees, power poles, sign


"Amazing. Astonishing. A miracle," said Peter Courtney.

Those are the three words that come to Courtney's mind when he thinks about witnessing a Chipotle sign crush a car on 86th Street Saturday afternoon after high winds brought the sign tumbling down.

"By the time I could even react and stop my truck, a second later, I see a guy getting out of that car," explained Courtney, still shaking his head in amazement.

Courtney said he couldn't believe his eyes, but his astonishment wore off fast enough as he rushed to help the man who said his name was Mike.

"My first question is, 'Are you ok?'" Courtney remembered asking. "Second question is, 'Is there anybody else in that vehicle?' cause the passenger side got more damage than that."

Thankfully, no one else was in the car.

Courtney said the driver, Mike, was bleeding from his head and told him he'd reached down to get something and had just opened his car door.

"If he wasn't doing that-- that's what saved him," said Courtney.

That's all Mike could remember, before crawling out of the crushed metal.

"That second. That quickly. That kind of sign, amazing," Courtney added.

This wasn't the only close call from falling objects because of high winds.

"I looked over and saw the tree falling," said Eric Anderson as he remembered driving near 52nd & Capitol Saturday afternoon with his friend in the front seat. "All that went through my mind, really, was just, 'I needed to stop now.' I didn't have time to process what was really happening other than hit the brake."

Anderson did hit the brake, though, just in time to have a huge tree come down on the hood of his car, instead of directly on top of it.

"It was unreal actually. I couldn't process. All I saw was the tree and I was like... I don't know. It was really freaky," said Anderson's passenger Emily Forrest.

"Things happen fast. Appreciate and enjoy each and every day," said Peter Courtney.

That's what he said he's taking away from what he witnessed in Nora, leaving him believing more than ever, there just are no coincidences.

"I believe a miracle," said Courtney of what he witnessed.