Hidden Heroes: Caregiver's compassion, patient's gratitude become love

LaGrotta Doty and Tim Grow started as just a caregiver and a patient, but they'll get married in August. (WTHR)

SPENCER, Ind. (WTHR) — The patient-caregiver relationship can be complicated, especially when the two fall in love.

"Hidden Heroes" is all about honoring and supporting the people who care for injured military members.

When LaGrotta Doty volunteered to care for a friend of a friend, she had no idea what she was in for.

"I guess I didn't realize it was so intense and tedious," Doty said.

She was caring for Tim Grow, who got hit by a drunk driver in 2003 when he was on a two-day leave from the Army. He can move his shoulders and his wrists a little bit, but movement in the rest of his body is gone. Doty helped him to do everyday tasks after his crash.

"Everything — laundry, feeding, cooking, cleaning, anything that he needs."

Grow said it's kind of like Doty is living for two people.

A year into their patient-caregiver relationship, Doty's passion and Grow's gratitude grew into something more.

"I could tell he had feelings because of the way that we would look at each other and the way that we would talk to each other," Doty said.

But Grow had no idea anything more would come out of Doty taking care of him.

"I guess I wasn't looking for it at all. Maybe that's why I found it."

When Grow finally asked her on a date, she immediately agreed.

"Some people ask how I can date somebody in a wheelchair because it's not like he can help me, but that's the thing: I'm not here for him to help me. I'm here for me to help him."

Grow and Doty are set to be married in August.

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