'Here's to You': Crawfordsville student writes song for fellow seniors

Abby Bannon (WTHR)

UPDATE: The Crawfordsville High School senior who wrote a song for the Class of 2020 has become a huge hit online.

Abby Bannon's anthem called "Here's to You" speaks to the missed milestones and cancelled plans for her fellow graduating seniors because of COVID-19. The song was released just a few weeks ago.

It's become so popular that her song is going national.

Bannon is in the process of recording a studio version that'll be released soon.

The hope is for every senior to hear it and be inspired.

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) — For the class of 2020, spring semester has changed dramatically.

COVID-19 is canceling or postponing the major milestones so many of us remember from our own high school years.

But a Crawfordsville student has written a moving song for her fellow seniors to acknowledge how they're all feeling right now.

Music has the power to heal when we're hurting and unite what's been divided.

"When we can write a song about it and put it to music, ... it solves everything," said Abby Bannon, Crawfordsville High School senior.

It's why Bannon and her friend Grace penned lyrics about the losses of senior year as a way to cope with a curveball none of her classmates expected.

Her song is called "Here's to You."

"Everybody can relate in some way, all of the seniors can relate to this," she said.

Bannon, a student athlete and senior class president, is one of so many seniors whose last year of high school has been cut short by the coronavirus.

They're dealing with quarantines, e-learning days and an empty Athenian parking lot.

The milestones that make memories for all teenagers won't happen for them.

"Things like senior prom, senior skip day, senior prank, graduation most likely," Bannon said. "It has affected every aspect of this senior year you always dreamed of and hoped for and thought about basically my entire life."

She realizes missing high school moments isn't the worst that could happen, especially during a health crisis.

"I keep reminding myself and my friends that it really could be so much worse for us," she said. "Obviously this stinks and we're missing out on a lot, but there are so many better days ahead and so many other things to look forward to."

College in the fall, careers after that.

Bannon is headed to Belmont University in Nashville to study business and music. But for now, it's an emotional loss seniors and their families are facing.

And her song, which has been shared on social media thousands of times in just two days, has resonated with all of them.