Here's why Chevy Chase was trending after Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire

Politico tweeted Sen. Bernie Sanders' win in New Hampshire with a drawing many thought looked like Chevy Chase. (Twitter/Politico)

WASHINGTON (WTHR) - Sen. Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic primary Tuesday, but a graphic by Politico declaring him the winner had some people doing a double-take. They saw a strong resemblance to "Community" actor Chevy Chase, causing Chase to trend on social media.

Here is the graphic Politico tweeted out.

Immediately, people had reactions to the image.

"Why put up a pic of Chevy Chase?" asked Shirsho Dasgupta on Twitter.

Congratulations to, uh. Chevy Chase?" tweeted Will Rahn.

Slade posted a side-by-side comparison.

Often when a celebrity's name starts trending for seemingly no reason. some people worry something bad has happened to them. This was no different.

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