Here we go again: INDOT announces more interstate work

Summer construction woes
Rush hour frustration

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – While Indianapolis commuters crawl their way around a closed stretch of I-65, they are being warned that even more interstate construction is coming.

As construction crews tear away on I-65 downtown, INDOT is preparing to rip up or repair 10 miles of I-465 on the city's southwest side.

Frustrated drivers like Cassandra Birt have that sick feeling of "here we go again."

"It's going to be quite a collision," she said. "It's going to feel like everything is tied up."

It feels that way now. 100,000 local commuters are going out of their way every day because of highway construction.

"Long delays, bumper to bumper," said Frank Washburn.

Blame Governor Eric Holcomb. In April of 2017 he promised, "All of you are going to smell asphalt every morning noon and night."

Holcomb and lawmakers enacted a comprehensive road improvement plan, raised taxes to pay for it and everyone applauded when he signed it.

INDOT is taking advantage of the first full construction season since the bill took effect.

"We are trying to put those dollars to work as fast and quickly as we can in the projects the most needed," said spokesperson Scott Manning.

INDOT appears to be busy everywhere.

It's online map of Indiana is covered with pins showing active road and bridge projects.

"The bad news is we have again infrastructure that has to be replaced," Manning explained. "The good news is we have the funding in place to do that."

The I-65 repairs and improvements are scheduled to be completed in early August.

The I-465 project will begin in mid-September and last 18 days.

It spans from the I-65 interchange on the east to I-70 on the west.

Contractors will work on one side at a time. First the eastbound then the westbound lanes will close.

Workers will replace or repair pavement and bridge decks.

Some were part of the original interstate which is more than 40 years old.

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