Heavy Storms For Some This Evening

Sean Ash

Another 90° day in Indianapolis with heat indices near/above 100° due to highly humid air. Dewpoints well into the 70s put the Muggy Meter into the oppressive range... where it stays for much of the week ahead.

We're still on target for locally heavy storms between now and midnight with a focal point along and west of line from Crawfordsville-Franklin-North Vernon. Anything that develops produces frequent lightning and torrential rain rates.

In addition, there's also a complex of severe storms near Chicago that is diving south-southeast... to most likely impact western Indiana with a damaging wind threat this evening. Please be Weather Aware and follow radar closely if you plan to be outside.

Additional localized storms remain possible overnight into early Monday morning. But the main weather story in Central Indiana on the first day of July will be highs near 90 and heat indices back near 100.

Storm odds remain low Monday/Tuesday before afternoon/evening coverage expands Wednesday-Saturday (50% or greater during peak heating). It's too soon to narrow-down location of storms for the 4th of July, but we do expect some storms on radar Thursday - Sean Ash