Harrison suffers minor concussion in Pittsburgh game


Richard Essex/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Fans of Colts' wide receiver Marvin Harrison were concerned Sunday when he appeared to drop passes he would normally have caught.

It got worse.   

Late in the game, he took a hit.

He went for a pass that slipped through his hands and had nothing to break his fall but his head. He hit the ground hard, lay motionless for a moment, and slowly got up.

Dr. Eric Barroso, with Methodist Hospital, says that's really all it takes.

"So really any force that will cause the brain to shift and bump up against that skull and cause a concussion, and that is typically what happens."

In spite of the apparent injury, Harrison came back in and finished the game.
Initially, the Colts said he'd suffered a minor concussion. The retracted that report later in the day. On Monday, the concussion report was back. In fact Coach Tony Dungy mentioned the fact in his Monday press conference.

Dungy said that Harrison was fine despite the concussion.
"We're very, very cautious about that," Dungy said. "We've had guys out for a long time with concussions."
The Colts coach dismisses the suggestion that the 36-year-old Harrison is slowing down.
"If he wasn't getting open and wasn't getting behind people, I'd be concerned," Dungy said. "But every game we seem to get him behind people. We've taken those for granted. I think we'll hit him in the future hopefully."

There are a lot of fans that echo that thought.