Hand fashioned with 3D printer allows girl to throw ceremonial first pitch


SAN DIEGO, Calif. (WTHR) - An eight-year-old girl with a prosthetic hand has set a goal to throw out the first pitch at all 30 Major League Baseball parks.

Inspired by their love for baseball, Hailey Dawson’s family is calling this "The journey to 30."

And she's well on her way.

Saturday, Hailey threw her first pitch of the 2018 MLB season at the San Diego Padres game.

She already pitched three times last year, including the first pitch for one of the World Series games.

Hailey was born with Poland Syndrome. She's missing her right pectoral muscle because of a lack of blood, and it's affected the growth of her hand.

Some mechanical engineering students at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas designed a hand for Hailey using a 3D printer.

Padres players signed Hailey’s prosthetic hand before Saturday’s game. "Rhey signed my finger, around here, right here, right here and right here," she said, pointing to the hand.

“She's missing three middle fingers and her pinky and her thumb are really small,” explained her mother, Yong Dawson, “so she can't really grasp anything with it.'

The UNLV mechanical engineering students will make Hailey a specially designed hand for every stadium she goes to.

Saturday's hand was especially designed for the Padres.