Hancock County sheriff's deputy arrested for DUI

Deputy Michael Robinson

Greenfield - A veteran Hancock County Sheriff's deputy is under arrest for drunk driving after crashing his squad car.

Deputy Michael Robinson, a ten-year veteran, is accused of driving drunk on duty. Robinson was arrested after a crash on County Road 200 North and 200 West at around 10:00 am Tuesday.

Robinson pleaded not guilty during a court hearing Wednesday morning and paid bond to be released from jail.

Police say Robinson lost control on a slick road and spun into an INDOT car. At the scene, no one detected alcohol on the deputy.

Greenfield Police Chief John Jester said after it was determined at Occupational Health that the deputy had been drinking, he was brought to the Greenfield Police Department for a certified breath test. At that point, he registered .16 blood alcohol content, which is twice the legal limit. He was then placed under arrest.

"If it were not for the policies [Hancock County Sheriff's Col. Don Munden] has in place, that they have to take a breathalyzer and drug screen, we may not have determined this," Chief Jester said.

Col. Munden, the Hancock County acting sheriff, says it's devastating in light of what has happened in recent months in other departments that something like this would happen.

"It's devastating in light of all the stuff surrounding agencies are going through with alcohol-related incidents involving officers, it's devastating. It's not something that should happen. I hope it never happens again," said Munden.

Robinson had come on duty 3 1/2 hours before the crash. It is not known when he had his last drink or if he drank while on duty.

At the accident scene, witness James McWhorter said the deputy "did not appear to be intoxicated."

"He walked around for about 30 minutes. I stood here and watched him. He did not, I'm totally surprised, he did not appear to be under the influence," said McWhorter.