Hancock County man 'lucky to be alive' after crashing car in water

Photo: Courtesy of Carla Linton

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) — A Hancock County man says he's grateful to be alive after a car crash that could have killed him.

"I don't know how I lived," said 20-year-old Dakota Linton.

Linton ended up in a flooded ditch when the car he was driving along 300 South and Meridian in Hancock County hydroplaned and lost control.

It flipped over several times before landing in a ditch, facing the opposite direction it was going.

"When I was going, I thought I was going to die," Linton explained. "I thought it was my last breath ever. That was it and then it went black and somehow I woke up alive."

Linton said it was then that he heard someone yelling if he was alive and if he was OK.

That someone was Salliann Flake who was sitting on her porch when Linton came down the road.

"We heard a car hydroplane, but then we didn't hear anything after that," said Flake. "We took off running and my son went out to where the car was and I called 911."

"I'm very thankful they were there," said Linton, who incredibly walked away with only a concussion and a few scratches. "The only thing I know is God has to be watching over us because I don't know how anybody could have walked away from that," he added.

That's just what Linton has done though, come away with a whole new perspective.

"It makes me not take another day for granted because in a split second, you can be in the air, flipping over, thinking you're going to die," he said, grateful that he didn't and is here today.

"That was a miracle."

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