Hair stylist creates portraits with hair clippings

Svetlana Grozdanovska creates portraits on the floor of her hair salon in North Macedonia and uses hair clippings to finish the artwork. (Photo: Russian Television / NBC News Channel)

KRIVOGASTANI, North Macedonia (WTHR) — A hair stylist is taking her art to the next level.

Svetlana Grozdanovska cuts hair in North Macedonia, which is a small country in southern Europe, just north of Greece.

Cutting hair is an art and skill by itself, but Grozdanovska is also a talented portrait artist and has combined her two artistic abilities.

Grozdanovska creates portraits of famous people with the hair cuttings from the floor of her salon and posts the creations on her Instagram page.

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Once she's finished, she uses a blow dryer to help clean up.

You could say her art is a cut above the rest.