Gunman dead after Florida school board meeting incident


Panama City, Florida - A man is dead after pulling a gun during a school board meeting in Panama City. The drama was captured on camera.

The gunman, identified as 56-year-old Clay Duke, walked up to the podium at the meeting in Panama City and drew a red "V" with a circle around it on a wall, and pulled a gun.

A female board member tried to knock the gun out of his hand using her purse. She struggled with Duke but failed to get the gun, and fell to the floor.

The suspect was then confronted by a former board member who exchanged gunfire with the suspect. Police say that's when Duke took his own life.

No one else was injured in the exchange.

Duke insisted that his wife had been laid off by the school board, but did not provide details as he spoke to the school board.

(Note: Due to NBC Newschannel restrictions, we cannot post the footage of the incident here. However, NBC will make a package available later today, and that will be posted.)