Group working to turn west side abandoned houses into homes


Abandoned houses are an ongoing challenge for the city of Indianapolis.

An estimated one in four houses on Indy's near-west side is abandoned and one group is working to turn those houses into homes.

Hearts & Hands of Indiana was created in 2009 and is a nonprofit that seeks to help "families and individuals attain affordable, long-term homeownership in the Near West neighborhood of Indianapolis by providing education, mentoring, and quality rehabilitated homes."

Tamara Limp moved into one of the rehabbed homes on Holmes Avenue in April with her husband and four children.

"It's a relief," Limp said. "when we first started out in this neighborhood, we were renting, and due to the passing of one of our landlords and the health issues of another landlord, we decided that we were ready to invest and ready to put down roots and to have something stable. So, there's a stability factor involved for our family and it's putting down roots in the community and helping to make something of a neighborhood."

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