Group educates Indianapolis residents on backyard chicken farming


If you live on the Indianapolis north side, you may hear the sound of chickens tonight.

A group Called Naptown Chickens is encouraging chicken farming In Indianapolis. They installed an urban chicken coop at Village Montessori near 66th and College.

Project Poultry is a school program that teaches children where eggs come from. The kids learned they'll get a couple of dozen eggs a week from the four hens in the coop.

The Naptown Chickens want to educate city residents about backyard chicken farming.

"We just deal in hens. They make very little noise. They make about as much noise as a cat. So they're not even as noisy as dogs so there's no ordinances. That's a great thing for Indianapolis because again, it's teaching the kids where an egg comes from waste reduction," said Andrew Brake, Naptown Chickens.

"In terms of raising chickens responsibly, it's the same as if you raised a dog or a cat. You have to be a responsible owner and make sure the chickens are staying within the yard, making sure the waste is cleaned up and disposed of properly so that smell doesn't factor in," he said.

The group says there are no limitations on how many chickens you can have in the city.

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