Grieving mother shares new details about the Richmond school shooting

The mother of Richmond school shooter Brandon Clegg speaks out. (WTHR Photo)

RICHMOND, Ind. (WTHR) – We are learning new details about the 14-year-old former student who shot his way into a Richmond school then committed suicide when confronted by police.

No one else was hurt in the school shooting. At the time, police credited the teen’s mother for alerting police to the threat and perhaps saving lives.

On the morning of December 13, Brandon Clegg was heavily armed and on his way to Dennis Intermediate School.

He had a gun pointed at the man driving, his mother’s long time boyfriend, while his mom was on the phone trying to talk him out of shooting up the school.

“I told him please don’t do this,” said Mary York. “I told him I would say anything to get him to stop what he was doing. His response was 'it’s too late, I’m the problem.' I knew at that moment he was going to take his own life. I knew I would never see him again.”

The call ended and York called 911.

“My son is only 14 and is driving around wanting to kill my boyfriend and shoot up the school,” York told 911.

“I think he had all the guns, like 5 or 6 guns and he knows how to shoot a guns,” she told the dispatcher. “I tried to talk to my son. He said there is no turning back. Oh lord, please hurry up and get somebody.”

“I knew I had to save my son,” she explained. “I knew he was going to a school with kids there.”

York called Brandon a typical kid. He played video games and talked a lot on the phone with his friends.

“He was hilarious, very funny,” she said with a smile.

But there was another side to the teen. York said Brandon was treated for depression and to escape being bullied at the school, he was taking classes at home.

“He was hurt. I have messages from kids that seen him get bullied,” she said.

York explained that there had been no warning signs, not a single hint that Brandon would become violent.

“That’s why this is a shock because there wasn’t,” York said.

York’s 911 call gave school officials time to lock down the school perhaps saving lives. The first police officer arrived almost the same time Clegg did.

The teenager shot his way through a locked glass door and into the school. Police followed. They reported being shot at.

Minutes later, Clegg took his own life. No one else was injured.

"As a mother, I wouldn’t change anything. I wouldn’t change making that phone call for nothing,” York said.

York believes her son would not have hurt anyone, insisting the only life he wanted to take was his own. The grieving mother sees a tragic lesson.

“For the community and for this country to wake up to this bullying and how serious this bullying is,” York said. “I will not stop. I will fight to my last breath to get a law passed on bullying and suicide prevention."

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