Greentown quake creates buzz statewide

Dan and Connie McDermott

Nicole Misencik/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Thursday morning's quake is the talk of the town across central Indiana. Those who felt it have stories of what they believe was happening.

For an artist like Gautam Rao, his subject needs to stay still. He's got a good sense of humor about Indiana's latest earthquake.

"I've noticed that it's shifted just a slight bit between the day before and today," he joked as he worked on a painting of a bridge.

The magnitude 3.8 quake, with an epicenter in Greentown, was felt in the Circle City.

The caffeine in the coffee wasn't the only jolt customers at Einstein's Bagels were talking about.

"I was asleep, next thing I know I'm awake in my bed, and I'm like what the heck is that?" said Cameron Lumpkin.

"There was just one small shake and I sarcastically thought, it's another earthquake," said Leslie Yoo.

Emily Nave thought her animals were up to no good.

"I heard the armoire doors in my bedroom shaking and I thought it was the cat banging on it and the dog stood up and barked," she said.

Several people say their animals were acting a bit strange, something veterinarians at the Broad Ripple Animal Clinic say is normal.

"Certainly animals are more sensitive or aware of their environment then people are whether it be electricity, or maybe the vibrations in the ground - maybe they can detect it beforehand," said Dr. Will Newmann, Broad Ripple Animal Clinic.

The butchers at Kincaid's Meat Market on Illinois Street didn't feel the earth move, but a few customers did.

"We were just getting up. I heard a rumbling. I heard the dresser shake. It lasted for about 5 seconds," said Thomas Farlow.

"I thought that the snow and the icicles had fallen off one side of the house it was just a large crash," said Sarah McNaught.

The startling sounds of the morning are all but forgotten for Gautam Rao. With no major damage reported, it's just another day to paint central Indiana with the only major change in scenery melting snow.

Did you feel the earthquake? Report it here.